The Little One

For a few weeks now our pride and joy has been known as Ethan. This little bundle of sunshine takes up most of our time and attention; we're sleep deprived but very happy.

Ethan managed to enter the world on the exact date he was due. Of course, mother and child had to stay in hospital a few days longer, but it wasn't long until our young family was together at home.

Back at Home

Ethan gazed wide-eyed at his new four walls. We knew well in advance that we were having a boy, so Ethan's room is decorated all in blue. We think his first impressions of the place were pretty positive – in any case, it was all so stressful that he was soon fast asleep on the couch. We sat down beside him and took a deep breath – the first stage was over.

Birth Information

Date of birth 9/18/09 5:23 p.m.
21 in
Weight 7.3 lbs
Place of birth
Burleson Hospital